“Harry…I as good as killed them,” he croaked. “I persuaded Lily and James to change to Peter at the last moment, persuaded them to use him a Secret-Keeper instead of me…I’m to blame, I know it…the night they died, I’d arranged to check on Peter, make sure he was still safe, but when I arrived at his hiding place, he’d gone. Yet there was no sign of struggle. It didn’t feel right. I was scared. I set out for your parents’ house straight away. And when I saw their house, destroyed, and their bodies - I realised what Peter must have done. What I’d done.”

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Anonymous Hellow, I really need to ask, and I hope you know, if there's actually been made a movie/serie with Ben, as Serius Black? Because I really Want to see it then! ~ I've Googled it Way to much, and can't seem to find anything about it :( * sad face *

Um, definitely not. Everything you see on the internet is fanmade, sorry.

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reader-and-writer Can you try to find some pictures of Ben as Sirius Black? (You know, partying, kissing, in class... etc.) Thank you! :)

Got some in the queue for you! 

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Anonymous Does Ben have an Instagram or twitter or any kind of social media that he uses???

not that i know of, sorry anon!

Anonymous Xavier Samuel looks more like Ben than William Beckett


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Anonymous he's so good looking O.O ..off to see Dorian the 2nd time :)

power to ya

charlesfrickens Hello! I was just wondering whether you have any Ben Barnes drinking or kissing gifs? I've looking around online but I haven't had much luck... Thank you very much!

I’ll do my best.